Black Eagle Ranch

A Little Update on our Prince

Black Eagle Ranch - Prince Charming

Our handsome Prince Charming spent a few hours in the sun this morning before retreating to the barn for some shade. We are so impressed with how he has filled out in the past few months and we’re looking forward to breeding season which is fast approaching. We love his red chamoise color and his beautiful long black legs. His blue eyes are stunning. Thank you Neverest  for allowing us to buy this handsome boy when he was a buckling.

The chamoise/chamoisee pattern.

A chamoisee Nigerian Dwarf can be described as being tan or brown in color with solid black legs, black underbelly, a black stripe down the back, and a pair of black stripes that run down the face. Some chamoisees have a somewhat black face mask. Body color can range from a light tan color to a deep red. This pattern does come in two different “shades”: Black or chocolate. A chocolate chamoisee will have chocolate points instead of black.

There are two different spellings of this pattern.
Chamoise: Is used to describe a male.
Chamoisee: Is used to describe a female.