Black Eagle Ranch

Black Eagle Ranch Nigerian Dwarf Buck Cowboy Birthday

Black Eagle Ranch Nigerian Dwarf Buck Cowboy

Black Eagle Ranch Nigerian Dwarf Buck Cowboy as a baby.

We’re celebrating the second birthday of our handsome senior buck Cowboy Cupid. Cowboy came to the Ranch when he was just 9 weeks old. We love his sweet personality and his willingness to tolerate new situations at breeding time and beyond when he has to share his “ headquarters” with our two younger bucks. Cowboy has brown eyes he is naturally polled and is a chocolate chamoise. Thank you My Country Hill for letting us purchase this fabulous fellow in 2016. We were extremely pleased with Cowboy’s kids this past season and look forward to seeing more of his offspring in early 2019.

*A chamoisee Nigerian Dwarf can be described as being tan or brown in color with solid black legs, black underbelly, a black stripe down the back, and a pair of black stripes that run down the face. This pattern does come in two different "shades": Black or chocolate. A chocolate chamoisee will have chocolate points instead of black.

There are two different spellings of this pattern.
Chamoise: Is used to describe a male.
Chamoisee: Is used to describe a female.