Black Eagle Ranch

Black Eagle Ranch Adds and Subtracts


Now that breeding season has wrapped up, it’s time to bid farewell to one of our longtime residents and welcome two others to the herd.

First, the bittersweet good-bye to Black Eagle Ranch Gracie. She and her four sisters made history on the ranch as the first set of quintuplets born here. All five lived and all five have had kids of their own. Gracie is not far away, she will be living on an acreage near Parkersburg.


Our two new doelings are each 8 months old and will add both color and strong milking lines to the herd. The J & K MT Sister Pearl (white) comes to us from the Davis family in southern Iowa.


Jax Farms CB Zona ( we call her Finley) has her roots in southern Minnesota. We are very careful to make sure any new animals are tested for CAE and Johnes before we bring them home. Black Eagle Ranch is proud to report our tests for both CAE and Johnes were also negative this Fall.