Black Eagle Ranch

We’re Expecting!

Eleven of our does are pregnant! They are due in February and March of 2019. While we wait, there is plenty to do. We have been busy stockpiling pine bedding as it goes on sale. We are also making sure our supplies of hay and straw are adequate to get us through the coldest months ahead. If the does who are pregnant have an average of two kids each, we will have 22 new babies in a little more than 90 days. It is possible that some could have three, four or even five. Here are some photos of multiple and successful births from a few years back.

Our grey goat Cupcake had five boys back in 2005. In 2010 our doe Louise had quads, two girls and two boys. They arrived during an ice storm that left us without power for 10 days. And in 2015 our doe Delilah blessed us with quintuplet girls. We are thankful that all of these babies survived, although we did end up bottle feeding some from each of the kiddings.

We look forward to a barn full of bouncing babies in 2019.