Black Eagle Ranch

Welcome Sarge!

Black Eagle Ranch Silver Lab Sarge

On Black Friday instead of sleeping outside a big box store or standing in checkout lines, we went puppy shopping! We lost our beloved 14 year-old Labradoodle Toby to cancer in August and the Ranch has seemed so empty without a dog to greet us and our visitors and to keep watch over the goats. After allowing time for us to grieve, we got to work doing research on what we wanted in our new canine companion. We found him with a wonderful family near Center Point about an hour and a half away. Please welcome Sarge! He is a Silver Lab. ( see below) His baby blue eyes with stay that color for between 6 and 8 months and will turn yellowish/amber as he matures. Right now, he is only 6 weeks old, so he’s too young to come home just yet. We’re anxious to pick him up in three or four weeks and begin getting him used to his new surroundings and of course, potty training. 

*The thing that makes a Silver Lab puppy different is the color of their coat. Because this coloring is caused by dilution, a Silver Lab can actually come in a range of shades. If the puppy is a diluted Yellow Lab, the coat will be lighter in color than other Silvers. This type is called a “Champagne Labrador.” Diluted Chocolate Labs—the most common variety—are a medium-dark gray. These are “true” Silver Labs. Besides the different appearance, this dog is exactly like any other Labrador Retriever.

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