Black Eagle Ranch

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Although we enjoy Christmas at Black Eagle Ranch. We feel the “most wonderful time of the year,” is kidding season. We are getting anxious for the 2019 babies set to arrive in a little more than 30 days. We have been taking advantage of the mild temperatures by preparing the birthing barn for the new arrivals.

We use dog kennels once the kids arrive to give the families time to bond and be protected from the rest of the herd for a few days. We have switched out all of our heat lamps with either just regular 100 watt light bulbs or with Premier 1 heating units that provide a much better margin of safety should they come in contact with the floor, the bedding or the momma goat. Of course, there is always the chance that one or more babies may need to be bottle fed if mom’s milk hasn’t come in or if there are multiples who need to be supplemented.

This provides a thrill for toddlers but not so much for others in the early stages when four daily feedings are necessary. Happy Holidays to all. Stay tuned as the new kids begin to arrive.