Black Eagle Ranch

Getting your Money’s Worth

With the 2019 kidding season drawing near, it’s a good time to discuss this year’s prices. All 2019 Black Eagle Ranch kids will be $350.00 both doelings and bucklings. That is the base price. Discounts of $50.00 or more will be given for 4H and FFA families as well as for repeat customers and if multiple animals are purchased. We will also offer a few wethers this year @ $75.00 each with a multiple purchase discount. View Sample Purchase Agreement

What do you get for your investment?

We work very hard to maintain a disease free herd, we test yearly for CAE and Johnes. (CL every two years as per our vet’s advice) We study breeding partners to produce goats that are show quality with good milking lines. Our prices help cover the cost of hay and feed, vaccinations, vet work including disbudding if necessary and tattooing. We spend considerable time each day with them once the babies arrive so they are used to people and easy to handle. We do not bottle feed unless necessary, i.e. if a mother has more kids than milk she can provide or occasionally a doe will reject a kid for an unknown reason.

Why registered goats?

All goats come with registration applications for ADGA, some can also be registered AGS and NDGA.

  1. From a breeding standpoint, you can market to more people with registered goats. Many customers are looking to buy a registered animal. You will drastically reduce your future clientele if you choose not to register your herd.
  2. Registered goats have a pedigree to back them up and you can trace their lineage
  3. You can enter them in shows and contest (4-H, county fairs, etc.)
  4. Registered goats command a higher price than unregistered (with Nigerian goats in our area the difference is $75-$200 for unregistered and from $300 up to $600 for a registered).

And Finally

We do not disappear once the sale is complete. We like to keep in touch in case there are questions especially for first time goat owners. We welcome giving advice for what we know about and have experienced in our nearly 20 years in the goat business. We have made some lasting friendships and are proud that when someone mentions Black Eagle Ranch it’s often because of the quality of the animals and the friendly lady who happens to live here.

We look forward to meeting you or in many cases, seeing you again.

Pat Blank, owner Black Eagle Ranch est. 2000

View Sample Purchase Agreement