Black Eagle Ranch

2019 Kidding Season Has Arrived!

Black Eagle Ranch Nigerian Dwarf Goat Starbuck

No one who raises goats plans to have the new babies arrive when the weather is cold enough to set all time record low temperatures and produce life threatening wind chills. But since it’s out of our control, we do what we can to keep everyone well fed, watered and bedded down with plenty of straw.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids

Black Eagle Ranch has one barn dedicated to pregnant does and the soon to arrive kids and another for everyone else (yearling does and the bucks).

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids

Kidding season involves multiple trips to each barn (even overnight) to make sure no new kids arrive without being made dry and as warm as possible to avoid frostbite on those tiny ears and hooves. Here is a preview of what’s to come. Enjoy these photos taken with and by our friends from Little Dickens Farm in Cedar Falls.