Black Eagle Ranch

2020 Breeding Season Is Underway

We have started our 2020 breeding season. We have eleven does who will be bred this fall 2021 babies. We have two bucks who are now hosting the ladies. We expect the babies to begin arriving in February. We will confirm the pregnancies with ultrasound in October.

Bolles Painted Acres Nora is bred to Painted Oak Ridge Mr Wonderful

Black Eagle Ranch - Nora Fair
Bolles Painted Acres Nora
Black Eagle Ranch - Rock Star

Able Valley Farm Pecan Pie is bred to My Country Hill Cowboy Cupid

Black Eagle Ranch - Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie
My Country Hill Cowboy Cupid

Have U Herd Me Scream is bred to Neverest DR Prince Charming

Black Eagle Ranch - Scream Fair
Have U Herd Me Scream

Neverest DR Prince Charming

We will post photos of the new arrivals as they become available.