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Black Eagle Ranch Shell Rock Iowa

All 22 kids from our first round of kidding in 2021, 15 doelings and 7 bucklings have been spoken for. We have a "wish list" that is full for our final two that are due to kid soon in March. We will likely have one or more adult females for sale after their kids are weaned in April. If you'd like to contact us please send us an email or call the number at the top of this page. You can also send us a message from the Black Eagle Ranch Nigerians Facebook page. Please also take time to read our Terms of Sale.



Black Eagle Ranch




Our Story:

My name is Pat Blank. My husband Terry and I moved to our acreage in NE Iowa 35 years ago. We started with two pygmy goats and loved them, but discovered their dairy counterparts the Nigerian Dwarfs in 2000. We had some of the first of the breed in Iowa and have watched their popularity grow especially in the last 5 years. Our herd name is now permanently registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA). We are also members of American Goat Society (AGS) and Nigerian Dairy Goat Association. Our herd tested negative in  August 2020 for CAE, CL and Johnes. We dam raise our babies, but handle them daily so they are people friendly without being obnoxious.

Black Eagle Ranch in the News:

Bethany Carson From The Clarksville Star came to visit Black Eagle Ranch for a brief visit and interview.

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Clarksville Star

Earthy award-winning journalist raises kids on Shell Rock farm

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Black Eagle Ranch - Goat Goddess article April 16th 2015 about Black Eagle Ranch
By Jean Caspers-Simmet

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