Black Eagle Ranch


2020 “Dating” Season is underway Our fabulously handsome Moon Shadow is currently hosting seven lovely ladies in his “Love Shack.” He will return to the “bachelor pad” in October.

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2020 Breeding Season Is Underway

Black Eagle Ranch Nigerian Dwarf Buck Cowboy

We have started our 2020 breeding season. We have eleven does who will be bred this fall 2021 babies. We have two bucks who are now hosting the ladies. We expect the babies to begin arriving in February. We will confirm the pregnancies with ultrasound in October. Bolles Painted Acres Nora is bred to Painted…

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2019 Kidding Season In Full Swing

Black Eagle Ranch 2019 Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at Black Eagle Ranch. So far seven of our ten does have kidded. We have 14 healthy babies in the barn; 8 boys and 6 girls. All the snow and extremely cold temperatures have provided a challenge to make sure water buckets are not frozen and feed…

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Happy Trails To Cowboy Cupid

Black Eagle Ranch Dwarf Nigerian Goat Cowboy

This week we say farewell to our handsome buck My Country Hill Cowboy Cupid. We purchased Cowboy nearly three years ago and could not have asked for a better buck. He has a wonderfully calm personality and never fought with the other bucks when we needed to house them together after breeding season. He is…

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2019 Kidding Season Has Arrived!

Black Eagle Ranch Nigerian Dwarf Goats

No one who raises goats plans to have the new babies arrive when the weather is cold enough to set all time record low temperatures and produce life threatening wind chills. But since it’s out of our control, we do what we can to keep everyone well fed, watered and bedded down with plenty of…

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Getting your Money’s Worth

Black Eagle Ranch Nigerian Dwarf Goat Have U Herd Me

With the 2019 kidding season drawing near, it’s a good time to discuss this year’s prices. All 2019 Black Eagle Ranch kids will be $350.00 both doelings and bucklings. That is the base price. Discounts of $50.00 or more will be given for 4H and FFA families as well as for repeat customers and if…

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Black Eagle Ranch makes the news

Pat Blank @ Black Eagle Ranch

Bethany Carson From The Clarksville Star came to visit Black Eagle Ranch for a brief visit and interview. Click Here to read the on-line version of interview, or click small image below to view .pdf file

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Deciding whether to get a wether

Along with the doelings and bucklings born on Black Eagle Ranch, some of the male babies are neutered and are known as wethers. These fellows provide an important service in the herd as companions ( pen pals) and in some cases help signal when the mature does are in heat. Here are some thoughts from…

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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Black Eagle Ranch - Pat

Although we enjoy Christmas at Black Eagle Ranch. We feel the “most wonderful time of the year,” is kidding season. We are getting anxious for the 2019 babies set to arrive in a little more than 30 days. We have been taking advantage of the mild temperatures by preparing the birthing barn for the new…

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Black Eagle Ranch Pays It Forward

Hanna Bedwell

We are pleased to be part of a wonderful program sponsored by the Iowa Dairy Goat Association called Share-A-Kid. Producers from all across the state are encouraged to donate a doeling to a 4-H or FFA youth who would otherwise be unable to afford a registered animal. Black Eagle Ranch was part of the first…

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