Black Eagle Ranch

The J & K Astrid 4-11-2017

Sire: Two Dogs Farm AR Daily Double
Dam: Dill’s RD Layla

Astrid had her first kid on September 27, 2018

Jax Farms Cinnamon Sadie 4-4-2016

Sire: Jax Farms Lorcan
Dam: HayCreeks Valor Melody

Sadie had twin bucklings in  2019 and is bred to kid in Feb of 2020

The J & K MT Sister Pearl 3-12-2018

Sire:  Dill’s RD Major Tom
Dam: Dill’s TS Half Pint

Pearl is bred for her first kids in 2020

Black Eagle Ranch - Pearl

Black Eagle Ranch Dippin’ Dots 2017

Sire: The Moonshiner
Dam: Minny Meadows Sprout

Dippin’ took 4th place in her class at the 2017 Iowa State Fair when she was shown by our friend Lydia Hook.

She has abundant moon spots and blue eyes. She is bred to Black Eagle Ranch Rock Star and is due to kid in February 2020.

Jax Farms CB Zona (we call her Finley) 2-25-2018

Sire: Jax Farms Baewolf Blue
Dam: Mazel Tov Caramel Cashew

Finley had her first kids in April of 2019, a buck and a doeling both with blue eyes. She will be bred later in 2020.

Able Valley Farm Snickers 2015

Sire: Wildwind Farm Pal Loverboy
Dam: Heidi's Mini Acres Exquisite 

Snickers had one buck and one doeling in her first freshening in 2017

In 2018 Snickers delivered quads, 3 doelings and one buckling

Early Acres Cashew Sundae  2015

Sire: Early Acres Rocket
Dam: Early Acres Willow

Cashew had a doeling and a buckling in her first freshening in 2016.

She twin bucklings in 2017.

In 2018 Cashew had twin doelings

J & K MT Lavender 2016

Sire: Dill’s RD Major Tom
Dam: Dill’s RD Layla

Lavender joined the Ranch in October of 2017.

She is due to kid in mid to late February. She is bred to a blue eyed, heavily moonspotted buck.

Black Eagle Ranch Macadamia Nut 2016

Sire: Black Eagle Ranch Moonshiner
Dam: Early Acres Cashew Sundae

2018 will be Mac’s first freshening. She is due in mid to late February

She is polled with blue eyes. Here she is at the 2017 Iowa State Fair. She took 9th in her class out of 31.

She is being shown by our friend Vanessa Ash.