Black Eagle Ranch

Black Eagle Ranch Miss Kitty 1-12-2018

Sire: My Country Hill Cowboy Cupid
Dam: Able Valley Farm Snickers

Kitty kidded twin doelings in 2020

Corridor Caprines PFT Epiphany 9-28-2018

Sire: Parrish Farms D Titan
Dam: Corridor Caprines Technicolor

"Piph" will have her first kids in 2021

The J & K MT Sister Pearl 3-12-2018

Sire:  Dill’s RD Major Tom
Dam: Dill’s TS Half Pint

Pearl kidded twins in 2020, a doeling and a buckling.

Both had abundant moon spots and blue eyes.

Black Eagle Ranch - Pearl

Corridor Caprines Technicolor 10-2-2017

Sire: Prairie Hills Fleck
Dam: Graham's Ranch Ellie Mae

Tech has abundant moon spots and big brown eyes. She kidded twin doelngs in 2020.

Jax Farms CB Zona (we call her Finley) 2-25-2018

Sire: Jax Farms Baewolf Blue
Dam: Mazel Tov Caramel Cashew

Finley kidded a doeling and buckling in 2019 both with blue eyes. She kidded twin blue-eyed bucklings on September 16th. One will be available after he's weaned in November.

My Country Hill CM Harmony 10-2-2017

Sire: Meadowmist MT Captain Morgan
Dam: Zanzabeez EO Fate's Melody

Harmony had one buckling in her first freshening in 2019

In 2020 Harmony delivered twins, a doeling and a buckling


Have U Herd Me Scream 5-16-2017

Sire: Audreys Acres Phantom
Dam: Mathiot's Paradise W Bambi

Scream had a single doeling in 2019.

In 2020 Scream had twin doelings

Black Eagle Ranch Eye Holla 3-3-2019

Sire: Neverest DR Prince Charming
Dam: Have U Herd Me Scream

Holla is Scream's daughter. She is bred for her first kids in 2021.


Corridor Caprines Jersey Girl  10-3-2017

Sire: Prairie Hills Fleck
Dam: The Kerri Lyn


Jersey kidded triplet bucklings in 2020. All were polled with blue eyes.